how AVA come to be
"Life shrinks or expands in
proportion to one's courage."

Each of us wants the courage to live the life that we want to. We dream of a world with no curfews, where no space is off-limits. Where we are free to go out or stay in and we walk through our city like we own it. Which is why AVA by Save My Soul, was created.

The brainchild of Gautham Kalathur, CEO of BMS Innolabs Software Pvt Ltd, AVA by Save My Soul is backed by nearly two years of research and development and is his first step towards revolutionising safety in India and eventually world-wide.
the team

With a formidable team of highly skilled techsperts, reputed manufacturers and experienced marketing professionals, AVA by Save My Soul has been designed, developed and assembled entirely in Bangalore, India.

Founding  members
  • Gautham Kalathur


    As the Managing director and founder of BMS INNOLABS SOFTWARE PVT LTD, Gautham has played a pivotal role since its inception in 2011. Equipped with a Bachelor's Degree in Computer Science from Rutgers University in New Jersy, he started his career as a business development manager at Vaktech in 2007. Prior to establishing BMSILS he worked at Wells Fargo as a performance engineer in 2010 and as the director of project delivery at SourceN technologies.

    His key accomplishments include building the company from the ground up and the expansion of BMSILS across three continents.

  • Hari Anumulapalli


    Equipped with a Master's degree in Computer Information Systems from NJIT, USA and with entrepreneurial skills in his blood, having vast experience in advanced technologies and product development Hari has proven to be enterprising in implementing ideal solutions. Currently Hari is the Vice-President of the IT Consulting Services Company SBP Consulting Inc. based out of Moline IL , Managing Director of the power management solutions company MinitCharger based out of NJ and Managing Partner of Asset Management company Access Control Group. Visualizing project aspects by thinking with a Global perspective in all endeavours has been one of his major strengths. With an avid interest in social service, Hari has taken the initiative to deliver effective solutions for personal safety across India through the "Save My Soul" project.

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