Leave your worries behind... A keepsaketo keep safe

AVA is there by your side. During a morning run. AVA is with your partner headed to the airport at night. With your child in the school van. With Amma and Appa on their evening walk in the park. AVA ensures your friends are OK as they return from a late night film. AVA is a technology powered talisman for the modern day. A wearable bluetooth safety device, AVA is for all of us who want to live freely and fearlessly.

A single button device, powered by a replaceable cell battery, AVA pairs with the Save My Soul mobile application on your smartphone. If you ever find yourself in a spot of trouble, all you need to do is activate a single button on AVA to trigger multiple responses and notify your primary contacts, through the app. The S.M.S App and the physical device have been developed specifically for India, keeping network and data constraints in mind. AVA has been built to deliver assistance in any emergency situation, and is positioned strictly as a SAFETY ENABLER and not as a weapon.

safety through

GPS tracker

Save My Soul Mobile App extends its idea to keep you safe by offering a tracking facility, When enabled

  • Constantly updates your location every 2 minutes

  • Triggers an Alert "Are you Safe" every 2 min ( Default ), to check on your safety levels a. The App offers customizable trigger time for the alerts ( 2 Min, 5 Min, 10 Min, 15 min, 20 min, 30 min, 1 hour )

  • In Case, a. Alert goes unanswered; App will trigger an SMS to be sent to your primary contacts. b. Else, Will continue to track your location.

emergency contacts

Save My Soul Mobile App offers a quick access to list of emergency contacts: POLICE, AMBULANCE, FIRE STATION, NIRBHAYA, CHILD HELPLINE, WOMEN HELPLINE, SUICIDE HELPLINE.


"SCREAM" button offers you instant access to a loud help seeking audio note, assisting you to scare away yourdanger or attract attention from people around you in case of emergencies.


The SOS button placed uniquely on the app home screen, offers users an instant access to send "HELP ME"messages to your primary contacts with your current location.

call primary

Offers you can instant access to make calls to your primary contacts or an emergency as per the settings.

How does it work?

  • Starts tracking your location the second you feel unsafe

  • Sends your location data to your emergency contacts

  • Triggers an instant call to 100 to alert cops with just one button

  • Has a scream feature for when you are in danger

AVA is unique because:

  • It activates an automatic SOS reaction when you are non responsive

  • Works even when your phone has no pre-paid currency

  • Works even when your phone is low on battery or is in a poor network area

  • Ensures 100% privacy of your data at all times